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Octavo's Literacy Centre offers a ‘new beginning’ for children struggling with literacy. Our intensive programme of support helps overcome barriers to learning and assists greater inclusion in the mainstream curriculum.

We have a proven track record of success with a focus on phonics, reading, comprehension and spelling.

All our children make progress.

Our core offer is for individual children in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 who are struggling with literacy and are not making progress in school. This is particularly relevant given the emphasis on reading in the Ofsted framework.

Many of our children have co-occurring difficulties such as ASD, ADHD, speech and language difficulties and borderline MLD.

The usual offer is two 90 minute sessions a week for three terms.


Children who come to us become more confident in class and are significantly more engaged in learning which benefits them and the school.

Many achieve expected literacy levels for their peer group and require much less direct support in school.

At the end of the support, children have:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved literacy skills
  • Strategies for learning to equip them for the future
  • A changed attitude to learning


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